Gye Nyame Kwanzaa Set

These beautifully designed sets contain all the symbols of Kwanzaa you will need to celebrate the holiday. Our vinara (candleholders) are handcrafted in natural wood. Representing the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles), the candles are of the finest quality and richest colors — one black, three red and three green. An elegantly hand-carved unity cup represents the first principle of Kwanzaa — Umoja, Unity. Colorful ears of traditional corn with harvest hues symbolize the children in the family and community. The foundational mat on which the other Kwanzaa symbols are placed represents history and tradition. And a full-color poster lists and defines the Nguzo Saba of Kwanzaa, which are the heart of the holiday. Save time from having to search for symbols piece by piece. Perfect gift for the holidays.

Commemorative Stamp

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